You are a ghost that got by accident to this school.

People are afraid of ghost, so it is obvious, that if they catch you, your life will end.

Despite that you have a Unity Shader to look like them, they are having a test of humanity today.

You need to cheat for your own life. Your whole existence depends on yours score. 

Will YOU be able to escape?

About this game

This game was created for the Weekly game jam: week 105.

It includes tutorial and one level.

I enjoyed creating this and hope you will enjoy playing.

Any feedback is welcomed.


WSAD / arrows - Move

E - copy

F - enter your desk


Cheating Scholar.7z 15 MB
Cheating Scholar.7z 27 MB
Cheating Scholar.7z 16 MB


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Nice game! There are several things I like about this game and see the potential for a very intense experience.

I appreciated this short and sweet stealth experience. I'm a fan of that genre of games so I appreciated the mechanic of sneaking about and not getting too close to the (almost) all seeing eye and dutiful students. The intensity of getting just close enough without getting caught was bordering on exciting horror and presented quite a challenge of patience. I also love the nod (most probably) to HAL 9000. I definitely wouldn't want to be in a classroom with that thing either! The addition of the tutorial is a nice touch, even if I skipped right over it. It probably would have been a smoother experience initially if I ran the tutorial first. 

There are just a few items that I'd prefer to be a bit different. It's a little hard to gauge how close to students the player can get before getting seen. It would be great if there were a visible indicator of student "sight". Possibly the view could be a cone or an arc that extends forward (ex. Metal Gear Solid). That view could also widen or shrink based on the state of the student. For example, a tired student could sleep and show "zzz" over their head unless you get right next to them. When they wake up the view widens and suddenly it's time to go. I'd also appreciate some way of hiding behind desks so I could sneak in the back of the classroom without getting seen by the eye.

Overall, "Cheating Scholar" is a fun, intense test of patience and with a few improvements it could be even better.

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Thanks for the advice. I’ll definitely try some of your advices.